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Steve Bernstein, Publisher
Little known fact: Grew up in a house with two sets of twins, me being one quarter of them.
I am sure that: The egg came before the chicken.
I would give anything to see: The World Trade Center.
Kathy Stoddard, Associate Publisher
Formative experience: First saw the Rolling Stones in 1966 in Hartford, CT.
Rehabilitated hitchhiker: Commutes to the tiny town of Leverett, MA.
Favorite festival: Bonnaroo (with motel room for sleeping).
Computer platform: Mac or die.
Pet peeve: War.
Aeve Baldwin, Editor-in-Chief
Secret longing: To pitch for the New York Mets.
Best concert I ever saw: Bob Marley, 1979 or 1980, in Tokyo, Japan.
Have issues with: The "can't drink in the office before noon" rule. "It curbs creativity."
Little known fact: My favorite pizza topping is mayonnaise.
Dean Budnick, Senior Editor
Favorite show: 2/27/99, Caroline Barrett Budnick, The Birth: The ultimate in tension and release (no encore that evening).
Favorite mid-tour day off: 9/7/91, traveling between Richfield Coliseum and Madison Square Garden. A baseball doubleheader; we caught a day game at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland and then a night game at Three Rivers in Pittsburgh.
Four words at the outset of a phone call from 180 Varick most likely to induce serotonin/dread: (as intoned by Josh Baron) "Mr. Budnick, a favor..."
Josh Baron, Executive Editor
Philosophy: Work hard, play hard and make sure you get into the ocean as frequently as possible.
Most known for: Going commando in all seasons in all things and being the office vulture.
Longest grudge: My parents made me sell my first ticket to a Dead show in '93 (I'm a baby). They played "King Bee" for the first time since '71.
Secret longing: To be an international surf bum-cum-novelist/screenwriter.
Jonathan Schwartz, Marketing Director
Secret longing: After ten-plus years of "playing" guitar, to finally be able to solo (I'm sick of being the rhythm guy).
Mission in life: To finally bring Phish to Israel and spread jam music across the Holy Land.
Childhood hero: REGGIE!!! REGGIE!!! REGGIE!!! (Not to be confused with REGIS.)
Aaron Benor, Advertising Sales Executive
Secret longing: To manage a band and be a tour rat at the same time.
Pet peeve: Cheap vodka.
Philosophy: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker -OR- I never saw a purple cow and I never hope to see one.
Little known fact: Wouldn't eat blueberries for months after watching "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" when I was 5.
Favorite addiction: Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls... mmmm.
Actual job at Relix: Hey Aaron, can you burn this disc for me?
Mike Greenhaus: Staff Writer & Podcast Producer
Lingering Childhood Addictions: Tuna and Chocolate Milk
Fun Phish Fact: It took me 47 shows to hear "Fee"
Genetic Jamband Bobble: My bouncy walk resembles my disheveled dance step
Genuine Jamband Geekster: I've seen a concert in all five of New York's boroughs (even Staten Island!)
Liz Rubinstein: Ad Sales Associate
Little known fact: I hate the sound of Velcro
Biggest weakness: Soft baked chocolate chip cookies
Favorite thing to listen to: Segue from I-man > The Very Moon from the 4/30/99 Disco Biscuits show
Biggest pet peeve: Tall people standing in front of me at a show
I bet you didn’t know: I know every single word to “The Little Mermaid” movie
Best live musical experience: Radiohead, Bonnaroo June 2006
Marley Moo, Relix Mascot
Philosophy of life: Nap long, nap hard.
Pet peeve: Being dressed up in adult clothing or head gear.
Best show ever: The Wailers, Bonnaroo 2003.
Little Known Fact: I don't think Pearl Jam are as crash-hot as my parents think they are.

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Relix History
Three decades of "music for the mind"

Relix Magazine was launched in 1974 under the name Dead Relix. In its earliest incarnation, this hand-stapled, homegrown newsletter was an outlet for Grateful Dead tape traders avid concertgoers who taped and traded Grateful Dead concerts. The first issues were small (less than 20 pages), had hand-drawn black and white covers and focused on taping tips and Grateful Dead news. It also provided a forum for tape traders and music fanatics to communicate with each other.

Even as early as the second issue, non-Dead editorial found its way into Dead Relix's pages and, with the addition of an editor, the young magazine expanded its scope to cover the music of the Bay Area psychedelic scene. By 1978, Dead Relix contained reviews, essays, short features and artwork, and had dropped the "Dead" from its title. In a world that was moving away from "hippy culture," Relix managed to remain relevant, by expanding its scope of coverage beyond "Bay Area psychedelic rock" to cover genres as diverse as reggae and heavy metal, with varying degrees of success.

After some years of struggling with its direction, Relix regained its voice. It revived its focus on the Grateful Dead, but also found room to cover genres as divergent as blues, reggae, bluegrass and jazz, and non-music issues such as mandatory minimum drug laws. It was during the late '80s to mid-'90s that Relix established its reputation as a magazine that "broke" new acts. With the keen ear of British-born writer Mick Skidmore, many new and emerging bands made their debut in Relix columns such as Independents Daze and On The Edge.

For a magazine with its roots in Grateful Dead coverage, the passing of Jerry Garcia on August 9, 1995, could have spelt its death knell. Instead, Relix served as a rallying point for the "community," and, in the years since, has slowly moved its emphasis away from the Grateful Dead to coverage of "jambands" that have filled the void, as well as other, non-mainstream, types of music.

Today, Relix is the only music magazine of its kind. Having weathered 28 years of musical history, Relix has firmly established itself as a serious music magazine, "deadicated" to not only entertaining its readership, but providing a true community for lovers of "music for the mind."

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Relix Magazine - WideSpread Panic
September/October 2006
(on newsstands 9/5)

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Also in this issue:
Mindful music from around the globe: The Beat, Soundcheck and Fragments

The Brazilian Girls

Soul legend Sam Moore

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